Augment: "To increase the size or value of something by adding to it."

Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors specifically for those in the construction industry.

Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

Feast and famine cash-flow

Managing cash-flow can be a nightmare in construction due to the nature of the project work undertaken and front loading of costs.

High turnover but disappointing profits

Increasing turnover does not automatically translate to increased profits.

Lack of detail for your projects

You are busy running multiple projects at once, but it isn't clear which are most profitable. Without a clear picture of income and costs you may be missing out.

Manual processes and paper everywhere

Manual data entry, ancient software and paper-based processes. Just some of the reasons why you have no spare time!

Outdated financial information

Don't know job profitability until it's complete? That's too late. Having access to live financial information means you can react and ensure margins are healthy.

No forecasting or budgeting

Without intelligent forecasting and robust budgeting, costs can quickly get out of control and poor decisions can be made. Ultimately this impacts profits and cash.

Can't make sense of the numbers

Numbers aren't a strength for everyone but they can tell you an awful lot about your business if you know how to interpret them.

No time to evaluate or reflect

You are too busy keeping on top of the actual work to make time to evaluate or reflect on how the business is performing financially or operationally.

How we can help

We understand that construction is a complex and demanding industry to be in. You face unique financial challenges that require precise accounting and careful financial planning.

This is where we can help.

We specialise in making construction businesses work more efficiently using digital technology, automation and streamlined processes. We help you address the common issues above (& more), working with you to build confidence, catapult growth and drive progress to create a thriving construction business.

We do all of this through our exclusive Augment Programme.

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