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Construction Accountants

If your house needed a rewire you wouldn't call a jack-of-all-trades builder. You'd reach out to a qualified electrician for the job. While the builder may have a general understanding of the job, they lack the specialised knowledge and skills required.

The same applies to accountancy practices. Typically they work with lots of clients across many industries, making them a jack-of-all-trades. They have a basic understanding of your industry but they lack specialised knowledge. If your construction or trade business is relying on a generalist accountancy practice, chances are you're receiving a one-size-fits-all service.

We specialise in construction accounting and understand how your industry works. We know the pressures you're under, the challenges you face and how to navigate them.


We get it. You're busy running your business.

Overseeing multiple projects, dealing with customer expectations, looking after staff and safety rules - it's a lot to handle! And what happens? There's no time left for you to look at your numbers to understand how your business is performing.

Managing a construction project is a substantial undertaking, but it can be divided into distinct tasks, each demanding a specific skill set. Whether you maintain an in-house team of electricians, joiners, plumbers, and plasterers or opt for sub-contractors, the goal remains to ensure the successful completion of the project.

The same applies for a successful finance function. You need a blend of skillsets in your finance team to manage everything from bookkeeping, tax and CIS to pricing, forecasts and budgets. The fact is, it doesn't matter if you are the best builder/electrician/plumber - if your business doesn't make enough money it will fail.

Thankfully it doesn't have to be this way. That's where we step in, ready to act as your outsourced finance team and trusted business advisor. We're able to handle the transactional level detail, but also spend the time needed to understand, analyse and improve your business.

Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

Feast and famine cash-flow

Managing cash-flow can be a nightmare in construction due to the nature of the project work undertaken and front loading of costs.

High turnover but disappointing profits

Increasing turnover does not automatically translate to increased profits.

Lack of detail for your projects

You are busy running multiple projects at once, but it isn't clear which are most profitable. Without a clear picture of income and costs you may be missing out.

Manual processes and paper everywhere

Manual data entry, ancient software and paper-based processes. Just some of the reasons why you have no spare time!

Outdated financial information

Don't know job profitability until it's complete? That's too late. Having access to live financial information means you can react and ensure margins are healthy.

No forecasting or budgeting

Without intelligent forecasting and robust budgeting, costs can quickly get out of control and poor decisions can be made. Ultimately this impacts profits and cash.

Can't make sense of the numbers

Numbers aren't a strength for everyone but they can tell you an awful lot about your business if you know how to interpret them.

No time to evaluate or reflect

You are too busy keeping on top of the actual work to make time to evaluate or reflect on how the business is performing.


What We Do

We're not your average number-crunchers. Sure, we do the usual accountancy services like bookkeeping, tax returns, VAT, and management accounts.

But that's just the beginning.

We delve deep into your numbers and processes, uncovering your specific pain points and work out why they are happening. Most importantly, we tell you how you can fix them with practical, jargon-free advice.

We operate as your outsourced finance team, seamlessly taking on the roles of your bookkeeper, accountant, financial controller, and finance director where required. You decide what level of support you need from us. See some example packages here.


How do we do it?

Our approach is grounded in a commitment to understanding the unique needs of your business.

We start by thoroughly understanding your business - its quirks, its numbers, and how it all works together. This helps us spot areas where things could run smoother.

Once we figure out the bottlenecks and pain points, we offer you clear, easy-to-follow advice. No complicated terms - just practical guidance to help you make smart decisions for your business.

We're not just about fixing what's not working; we're always on the lookout for ways to make things better. Whether it's updating old systems, bringing in digital solutions, or fine-tuning your pricing, we're here to save you time and boost profits.

Amazing service and professional advice and guidance.

Trade Business Owner

We initially engaged with Augment for advice following a number of years of little valuable input from our previous firm. We found the advice to be both invaluable and quick, which we probably valued most. The documents, guidance and recommendations which Jon provided were unmatched to what we had previously experienced. We cannot thank Augment and the team enough for the help and guidance provided. We’d recommend any construction firm to have a conversation with the team and see first-hand the efficiencies that can be achieved.

Construction Business Owner

Augment carried out a Business Health Review and it was a real eye opener. I knew some things could be improved but I was shocked by what is possible nowadays. Jon recommended how processes could be streamlined and explained how the company was performing. Looking back, I didn’t really have a clue how well the business was performing before. We implemented the recommendations and the relief was almost immediate. Augment have made such a difference to my business and I can’t recommend them enough.

Trade Business Owner

We started working with Augment after being continually let down by our previous accountant. The main aims were to improve our cash situation and increase profits. Augment delivered on both and more. Augment now handle everything for us – i.e. bookkeeping, CIS, VAT and tax. We meet with them regularly to go through what the numbers are showing and now feel confident before making decisions.

Construction Business Owner

Working with Augment has been a pleasure. They are highly responsive and very knowledgeable. Jon and Andrea have made a significant positive impact to our business. We highly recommend Augment.

Consultancy Business Owner

Highly Recommended Accountants. Very modern and up-to-date systems and procedures which has helped our company become more streamlined saving lots of time and administration.

Construction Business Owner